Gozney ARC XL



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The Gozney Arc Series: Compact Elegance Meets Exceptional Performance

The Gozney Arc series brings together compactness and spacious cooking interiors in a way that has never been seen before in outdoor ovens. Both the Arc and the Arc XL are designed to cater to those who seek restaurant-quality pizza at home, with an ease of use that is unrivaled.

Gozney Arc XL: The Pinnacle of Outdoor Cooking

The Arc XL, the larger of the two, is touted as the world's most advanced compact oven. Despite its seemingly compact exterior dimensions (530mm x 629mm x 342mm), the Arc XL boasts an ample cooking space (427mm x 517mm x 173mm) that easily accommodates a 16” pizza. It’s powered by an innovative lateral rolling flame and a revolutionary burner that replicates the traditional wood-fired oven's flame, ensuring even and consistent heat distribution.

With an intuitive flame control, the Arc XL makes it astonishingly simple to churn out restaurant-quality pizzas in 60 seconds or less. Weighing in at 26.5 kg (58.5 lbs), it's relatively portable for its size and functionality.